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Sidebar - Making the Links: UW Arts Initiative Serves K-12 Education

A new partnership at the UW aims at nothing less than transforming arts education in Puget Sound area schools. The K-12 Arts Initiative, which will be part of the Office of Educational Partnerships, is designed to develop a comprehensive approach to K-12 arts education in the region by creating partnerships between the UW, professional arts organizations, the philanthropic community and the K-12 community.

Christine Goodheart, former program development director for New York City's Lincoln Center Institute (the educational arm of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts), has been hired to direct the new initiative.

Goodheart's first task will be to catalog what is currently being done to assist arts education, whether by the UW or other community organizations. Then she plans to convene a planning group made up of UW and community representatives to develop a three-year plan for arts education.

Goodheart states the goal of the initiative simply: "The arts can become a part of the lives of all our children." For more information, contact the Office of Educational Partnerships at (206) 685-4745 or visit the office on the Web. —Nancy Wick

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