Top Of Their Class.

Distinguished Staff Award
Recognizes outstanding service to the University by its staff

James Boeckstiegel(left), Brian Davis. Photo by Kathy Sauber.


Department: Facility Services

On the job: Maintenance Workers; Boeckstiegel has six years of UW service, Davis has four.

Achievements: Boeckstiegel and Davis are the UW's water whizzes. During the past three years, they not only helped upgrade the University's irrigation and sprinkler systems but also substantially reduced water and sewer costs while improving campus plantings. Their work helped the UW earn more than $60,000 in water utility rebates. Dedication to water conservation led Boeckstiegel and Davis to notice a defect in certain sprinklers that allowed water to escape even when turned off. They contacted the manufacturer, who investigated the defect. The faulty sprinklers—distributed around the world—were recalled due to their efforts.

Quote: "The two have improved the standards of irrigation systems and the process of construction inspection to an incredible degree. They have done so to the great benefit of the University's effort to conserve water."—Campus Landscape Architect William E. Talley

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