Top Of Their Class.

Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award
Recognizes an outstanding faculty member who advises graduate students

Thomas L. Daniel. Photo by Kathy Sauber.


Department: Zoology; 18 years at the UW

Courses Taught: Introductory Biology, Animal Diversity, Biomechanics, Mathematical Biology

Achievements: Daniel is a staunch advocate for graduate students in his department and often puts their welfare above his own. He created the annual Zoology Graduate Symposium 16 years ago to give graduate students an opportunity to showcase their research to students and faculty. When he won a MacArthur "genius" grant in 1996, he donated much of the prize back to the department to provide funding for graduate student research. But his concern isn't confined to the classroom. He even invited some students to his house for Thanksgiving dinner so they wouldn't be alone for the holidays. Also an inspiration to undergraduates, he won a Distinguished Teaching Award in 1989.

Quote: "Tom is a master of the pun, a jazz pianist and has a wonderful family. ...He makes me realize that it is possible to be an outstanding scientist, to be well respected by your peers, to do interesting research, to be a good teacher and still maintain an interesting and fulfilling life away from work."—Zoology Graduate Student Michael Dillon

Degrees: B.S., Wisconsin, 1976; M.S., Wisconsin, 1978; Ph.D., Duke, 1982

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