. June 2002 Columns Magazine Feature: Top of Their Class
Top Of Their Class.

Excellence in Teaching Award
Recognizes outstanding educators who are teaching assistants

Chia-Hui Huang. Photo by Kathy Sauber.


Department: Linguistics

Courses Taught: Introduction to Linguistic Thought, Languages of the World, Survey of Linguistic Method and Theory

Achievements: Huang has taught linguistic classes for several years and will take over the entire syntax series this summer. She creates an engaging learning environment with unusual, in-class exercises: lollipops to help students understand vowel positioning and a mock TV game show called "Wheel of Linguistics" as a way to review course materials. Fluent in Mandarin, English and Spanish, Huang's knowledge of language, enthusiasm for teaching and willingness to explore new concepts are a hallmark of her instructional excellence.

Quote: "After explaining how tone is distinctive in Chinese...she ended the demonstration with examples of English vernacular, the exclamative "Dude!" used with different intonations to express surprise, fear or disgust. The students learned experientially about Chinese tone and were also able to relate their new knowledge to their native language."—Linguistics Chair Julia Herschensohn

Degrees: B.A., Iowa, 1996; M.A., UW, 1998

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