Top Of Their Class.

S. Sterling Munro Public Service Faculty Award
Recognizes a faculty member who encourages community-based instruction

Sergio Palleroni. Photo by Kathy Sauber.


Department: Architecture; 10 years at the UW

Courses Taught: Design/Build Studio in Mexico, Urban Design of Communities, Architectural Sketching: Phenomenology of Place

Achievements: Palleroni has dedicated himself to helping students learn through community outreach. In 1994, Palleroni co-founded the Design/Build.Mexico Program to construct schools, homes, clinics and libraries in poor areas of Mexico. The program, which won a national education award from the American Institute of Architects, offers a unique experience for UW students for "hands-on" learning. Palleroni also helped create a program to build affordable homes for Native Americans around the state and, with the aid of Professor David Riley, has developed the first state-sponsored migrant housing community in Eastern Washington.

Quote: "Architecture has always been a service profession, but it has too often served only those who can afford it. Under Professor Palleroni's leadership, students work for clients who could not usually have access to architecture; in this way students are exposed (often for the first time) to community outreach and the idea of all society as clients."—Architecture Chair Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

Degrees: B.S., Cal-Berkeley, 1981; B.Arch., Oregon, 1983; M.S., MIT, 1987

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