Top Of Their Class.

Distinguished Staff Award
Recognizes outstanding service to the University by its staff

Keith Ward. Photo by Kathy Sauber.


Department: UWT Copy/Mail Center

On the job: Copy Center Coordinator; 15 years at UW

Achievements: The 350 faculty members and 2,000 students at the University of Washington's Tacoma campus rely on one small copy center for all of their copying and mailing needs. Ward's experience and knowledge of copyright clearances, course packet creation and copy duplicating have helped him to increase the efficiency of the center, much to the delight of faculty, staff, and students. When two new buildings were opened last winter, the number of items that passed through the Copy/Mail Center grew dramatically. Ward handled the increased flow without disrupting the day-to-day needs of the UWT community.

Quote: "His wit, wisdom and professionalism have made the copy center a pleasant office to not only collect copies and mail, but also to seek advice and at times just to get a daily dose of laughter."—UWT Fiscal Specialist Donna Duval

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