Top Of Their Class.

Excellence in Teaching Award
Recognizes outstanding educators who are teaching assistants

Steven Wolfman. Photo by Kathy Sauber.


Department: Computer Science and Engineering

Courses Taught: Computer Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms

Achievements: Student evaluations of Wolfman's performance as a TA are almost universally high. In fact, he has garnered greater praise than faculty members who have taught similar courses. Wolfman is driven by the needs of his students and has even altered his research area to encompass educational technology. He fosters discussion among students and creates assignments to be both intellectually stimulating and fun. He has written a paper on the educational advantages of the large lecture hall setting, and he proves it on the first day of class by making his students participate in a "group shout."

Quote: "Our group shout stuck with me as a compelling metaphor and a harbinger of the astounding vitality Steve would generate three times a week in that cavernous lecture hall. In short, I trusted him, and soon the hall became almost intimate."—Computer Science and Engineering student Leo Daedalus

Degrees: B.S.E., Duke, 1997

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