Outstanding Public Service Award. Recognizes a faculty or staff member rendering exceptional public service

Dena Brownstein

Outstanding Public Service Award, Dena Brownstein.

Department: School of Pediatrics; 18 years at UW

Achievements: Realizing paramedics had little training in emergency child care, Brownstein began riding along with local paramedics in order to learn their on-scene challenges. Through her efforts, she was able to perfect a unique training course in the management of pediatric emergencies that became the model for the nationally recognized Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals course, which has already trained more than 17,000 emergency-care providers. Brownstein has also fought successfully to make Washington one of the few states to require pediatric life-support training for any care provider in the trauma system.

Quote: "Dr. Brownstein is a consensus all-American physician and public servant. She is among only a few physicians in this country whose creative vision and relentless efforts have personally elevated the clinical practice of prehospital pediatric emergency care in communities across America."
Medicine Professor Ronald Dieckmann, UC-San Francisco

Degrees: B.S., Yale, 1975; M.D., UW, 1982

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