Distinguished Staff Awards. Recognizes outstanding service to the University by its staff.

James Gladden

Distinguished Staff Awards, James Gladden.

Department: Chemistry

On the Job: Manager, Technical Services; 28 years at UW

Achievements: Gladden, '71, first garnered recognition from the Department of Chemistry as an electronics designer and troubleshooter more than 20 years ago. From there, his technical wizardry earned him positions as head of the electronics shop and director of technical services. Gladden has designed and built a handful of devices that have saved the UW more than $1 million over the years, including a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer whose design plan was incorporated into the commercial consoles of one of the world's leading vendors of NMR consoles.

Quote: "When Jim speaks, I listen very carefully. He is intensely analytical, he is creative, and he is humane. His efforts impact every aspect of the instructional and research programs in this large and complex department."
Chemistry Chair Paul Hopkins

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