Excellence in Teaching Award. Recognizes outstanding educators who are teaching assistants.

Anita Lenges

Excellence in Teaching Award, Anita Lenges.

Department: College of Education

Courses Taught: Mathematics Methods for Prospective Teachers, Responsive Math and Science Teaching, Teaching Math in Secondary Schools

Achievements: Through a series of group discussions, Lenges encourages her students to express and examine their diverse viewpoints to solve problems. She instructs her students how to meet the needs of individual students who have unique learning curves, believing it's the teachers' responsibility to reach students on every level of the educational ladder.

Quote: "Anita has an ability to inspire us to do the very best work that we can. She both validates where we are now and shares with us a vision for what we can become. She knows when to praise us for our strengths and when to press us to reach for the next level of excellence in practice."Education
Student Margaret Rogers

Degrees: B.A., UW, 1986; M.A., UW, 1994; Ph.D., UW, 2003

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