Excellence in Teaching Award. Recognizes outstanding educators who are teaching assistants.

Rebecca Nugent

Excellence in Teaching Award, Rebecca Nugent.

Department: Statistics

Courses Taught: Elements of Statistical Learning

Achievements: Following the mid-quarter death of a statistics instructor, Nugent stepped in with lecture notes and homework problems that helped the replacement instructor take over the course without missing a beat. She was also instrumental in the creation of the Statistics Tutoring and Study Center, augmenting help students were receiving through faculty and TA office hours. She used her influence as graduate student representative to successfully lobby for the center, which opened its doors for the first time this spring.

Quote: "She has fabulous communication and organizational skills, and can focus her energies effectively in making UW a better place for our students to master concepts and skills in our quantitative fields of statistics and probability."
Statistics Professor June Morita

Degrees: B.A., Rice, 1999; M.A., Stanford, 2001

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