Emerging Diseases at a Glance

Name/ How Transmitted/ Reasons for Spread

Dengue Fever/ Infected mosquitos/ Lack of mosquito control, increased settlement in tropics, air travel

Ebola Virus/ Infected blood or body fluids/ Contact with infected material

HIV/AIDS/ Infected blood or tissue/ Unprotected sex, shared needles

Influenza/ Airborne/ Change of virus

E. Coli / Undercooked beef/ Poor food preparation, contaminated food products

Lyme Disease/ Deer ticks/ Increased settlement and visits to forested areas

Tuberculosis/ Patient spread/ Poverty, antibiotic resistance, HIV/AIDS epidemic

Hospital infections (Staphylococcus aureas, andStreptococcus pneumoniae)/ Human contact/ Poor hygiene and infection control, unsterile instruments, sick patients

Cryptosporidium/Contaminated water/ Poor treatment of water systems

Malaria/ Mosquito bites/ International travel, drug resistance

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