Confusion and Controversy

The 1969-70 academic year may be best remembered for the confusion and controversy which surrounded it. ... The University of Washington was not "closed down." Despite the call from certain groups and attempts at setting up barricade-picket lines, classes met as usual last spring. Classes were suspended only twice--first in memory of the students killed at Kent State University, and again for the two shot at Jackson State. Keeping their cool, students chose to take their issues out into the broader community, although what tends to be remembered, because of the headlines, were the several marches from the campus to downtown and back which stopped freeway and other traffic. October 1970

Racism and Football

The question of racism in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics rose again this fall as four black football players quit the team at the end of the season. In response to the charge, the Board of Regents and other top University officials conducted an inquiry which led to the following recommendations: "that vigorous action must be taken to ensure that minorities are represented throughout the department. Specifically ... that a black administrator must be employed in the department and a black assistant football coach must be employed as soon as possible."

Of Beards and Revolutionaries

"I am ashamed to be a graduate from a University whose student body would nominate and elect such an evidently dirty, disheveled, long-haired, bearded, left-wing radical revolutionary who should have stayed at Stanford.:--Letter to the Editor regarding ASUW President Richard Silverman. March 1971

Homecoming Debate: Costigan vs. Buckley

Homecoming ... with a new format debuts Thursday night, Nov. 11, with a debate between William F. Buckley and Dr. Giovanni Costigan. Set for Hec Edmundson Pavilion, this joint student-alumni function reflects what's new with Homecoming for 1971. September 1971

Sonny Sixkiller Revives Huskies

The nucleus of the 1972 football squad is a fantastic group of players that started the stunning resurgence of Husky football in 1970. ... What they've done is take the Huskies from a 1-9 mark in 1969 to 6-4 in 1970, the 8-3 in 1971. ... Sonny Sixkiller has been the big spark. The Huskies had been known as a running team until, in the spring of 1970, Sixkiller stepped in, Washington went to the air, and Washington began to win. November 1971

Saying Good-bye to Odegaard

It was "Charles E. Odegaard Day" at the University Art Fair May 11, as proclaimed by Gov. Daniel Evans. Before the day was over, the retiring president of the UW saw a new building on the Central Plaza named the Charles E. Odegaard Undergraduate Library; a bronze sculpture of himself ... and a display of student-faculty-administration-alumni camaraderie in the Plaza-- quite distinct from days when anger, protest and demonstration dominated the area. June 1973

Vietnam Vets Not Killers

It is the lot of the Vietnam veteran to be guilty by association with a war that was particularly unpopular in an academic atmosphere like that of the University of Washington. ... While most of the veteran's psychological problems revolve around feelings of severe guilt and depression, thee is no blanket solution to their problems. ... " Someone has to help these people see that they're still people," Vietnam Veteran Counselor Andy Slatt said, "not some type of killer or anything. Someone has to help them see for themselves that there can be hope on the other side of the alienation and depression." June 1974

Women's Sports on the Rise

"At the UW I don't feel that in order to run an equitable and good program for women it's necessary to have the same or even half the funding that men's sports get. It really doesn't cost the same amount to run good women's programs. Football is a very expensive sport. There's not any comparable sport for women," says Kit Green, "head" of women's sports. ... Next year UW women will have nine sports in intercollegiate competition: Basketball, crew, gymnastics, field hockey, swimming, tennis, track and filed, volleyball and golf. September 1974

Costigan a Campus Cause Celebre

Legendary History Professor Giovanni Costigan rides a bike to campus, a habit he continued until shortly before his death in 1990. File photo.

Giovanni Costigan, the UW's famed scholar of English and Irish history, still a familiar campus landmark as he rides his three-speed bike to work every morning, has also become a campus cause celebre--because he has reached the mandatory retirement age of 70. Students who have found inspiration in his classes have "got their Irish up' and are determined not to let him slip quietly into history. The have formed a "Committee to Retain Giovanni Costigan." April 1975 * History Professor Giovanni Costigan ... will return to campus next fall to teach again--this time under the auspices of the UW Alumni Association.. As a private, independent entity not within the formal framework of the university, the alumni association was able to do what the University could not do; engage Costigan to conduct two non-credit courses. Summer 1975

DJ Arrives

Challenges are nothing new to energetic Don James, who assumed command of Washington's football program eight days before his 42nd birthday. ... "I was honored with the offer," said James, "and accepted the job with every intention of molding the finest football program at Washington that is humanly possible. The Huskies have had a great football tradition over the years which has been respected nationwide. We're eager to perpetuate those high standards." Summer 1975.

Bicycles Are "In."

Cars are "out." Bicycles are "in." The bicycle, that once scorned, heavy, fat-tired-n-fendered antediluvian conveyance, fit only for kids and paper routes, has seen a remarkable rebirth in the last few years. Nowhere is that more apparent than on the UW campus. ... The J.C. Higgins has metamorphized into the sleek, skinny-tired, stripped down "Ten-Speeds" that are used by ecological, economical and exercising people everywhere. Summer 1975

Rose Bowl Victory

A rosy glow spread over campus at the start of Winter Quarter as the huskies, 14 years from their last Pac-8 Championship, crowned it by bringing home the roses. "The Dawgs," who had gone into the Rose Bowl as 13-point underdogs, can out as "top dog" by trouncing Michigan 27-20, and the victory was never sweeter. UW finished in the Top Ten nationally. Winter 1977-78

President William P. Gerberding stands on the balcony of Kane Hall with Suzzallo Library in the background. Photo by Davis Freeman.

Gerberding Attached to Premier University

Dr. William P. Gerberding, who this summer will become the 27th president of the University of Washington, said his decision to accept the post was influenced by UW's status as one of the "premier universities in the country": and by the Puget Sound area, which he termed a "progressive and successful part of the world." Now chancellor at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Gerberding has risen fast and far in the field of university administration ... His selection from among more than 300 nominees ended an 11-month search for the successor to Dr. John Hogness, who will return to the School of Medicine, his "first love" after more than five years a president. "Dr. Gerberding has a very good reputation around the country," said Dr. Hogness. "I think he's going to be a superb president." Spring 1979

Bullitt Chair Endowed

A recent gift of 20,00 shares of KING Broadcasting stock will be used to establish the first fully endowed chair in University of Washington history. The stock, a contribution from Dorothy Stimson Bullitt and the Bullitt Foundation, is valued at $1 million. ... To be known as the Bullitt Chair of American History, the position will be filled by a distinguished and creative scholar who will emphasize undergraduate teaching. spring 1980

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