A Place to Call Home

Bothell Bits

Founded: Oct. 1, 1990

Projected Fall 2000 Enrollment: 1,485

Academic Offerings: Junior- and senior-level classes leading to a bachelor's degree in liberal studies, business administration, nursing, and computer and software systems. Master's degrees in education and management. Teacher certification for K-8 levels.

Student Demographics: About 60 percent are 26 and older, 78 percent are working more than 20 hours per week; about half are taking 12 or more credits; 63 percent are from King County and 35 percent from Snohomish County; 37 percent receive some form of financial aid.

Alumni: 2,500 represented by the UW Alumni Association

Campus: 127 acres (58 acres are a wetlands laboratory); cost of land: $22 million; Phases One and Two construction cost $197 million to build 411,000 gross square feet and two parking garages. Completion dates: Phase One, September 2000. Phase Two, September 2001

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